From Head to Toe: What to Wear on Your First Date

first date outlook

On your first date you have to win in your first look before even talk. What you sport must reflect your personality perfectly, not less not more from head to toe. Here are a few essential tips to create the best impression on your first date.


Apart from the face hair is the thing that people commonly look when talking with someone. If you do your hair in an extravagant way in excitement of your first date, you will be a laughing stock. Do some homework before doing your hair. Pick the one from your good photos where you hair is flaunting your personality best and try to do the same with your hair for your first date. Unable to choose from your photos, keep it simple without much imagination. If you have long hair, just straighten your locks to give it more elegant look and let it follow you. If your hair is short, simple pixie look or simple loose curls will do the trick for you. Even you might sport some small waves and pin those few sections which do not want to be tamed. Whatever you do with your hair, make it simple and sober. Most importantly, do not let your hair cover your face or your personality on your first date.


Make-up is the thing which depends upon the time you are showing up. So you must follow the basic rules of daytime and night-time make up. Before touching any brush on your face, remind that you are going on your first date and a man always likes to see his girl in her natural look on the first date. Brush up with natural foundation which will not hide your natural skin tone but enough to cover the rough patches on your face if there is any. Give a better dimension to your lips and eyes by using lipstick and eye shadow one shade darker than you usually wear. But don’t make either of them as much highlighted to diminish your other facial features. Never wear any bold colour on your lips that you can not carry. You should try nude colour, different light shades of pink etc. that suits best with your complexion.


Your first date is neither a ramp where you are going to be the show-stopper nor a night club. So, overwhelming designer dress or anything that exposes too much skin is not your costume for your first date. You should wear a classy and stylish outfit which perfectly matches with your body contour. For example, a classic little black dress or the same dress of different colours which does not appear louder than your personality will be a good choice. Whatever you wear on your first date, you must look confident, stylish and attractive in it at the same time. In addition to that, your dress must be a comfortable one, if you don’t want to show any kind of discomfort when listening to your man’s pleasant words. One more thing, wearing jeans will show you more casual than you want to be on your first date. So, best avoid it for this special day.


Jewellery shows the taste and fashion sense of any woman. You should not wear a junk piece on your first date. A light neckpiece with a pair of matching earpieces will be enough to show your personality. The best option will be a sleek and slender chain with a pair of stud earrings. You might try coloured neckpieces and ear-pieces that match with your dress or with your eye colour. Slim ethnic neckpieces or traditional pieces will also enhance your personality on your first date.


Choosing shoes on your first date is always a tough and confusing task. Stilettos and high-heels are the first names when we talk about stylish shoes. If you wear these pairs, completing an evening without tripping or twisting your ankle at least once will be a marvellous achievement. Do you really want to try these to be embarrassed on your first date? I think not. So, try a low-heel trendy pump of any dark colour for best comfort and style. Another very good option is to sport a nice pair of flats to keep you super confident and fashionable on your first date. But if you dearly need the height, find a fancy pair of wedges. Over the knees rider boots are great for those who like to look a bit exotic, but you must accompany it with appropriate dress as well.


Your first date is all about your first impressions. Whatever you wear that must define your personality and let you stay comfortable during the time. Carry your outfit with confidence and express yourself with warm smiles, you will be able to leave an amazing first impression on your first date.

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